Increase Your Web Traffic With SEO, SEM And SMM

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Internet has become an easy source of globalization for business entrepreneurs. Reaching a global market has now become a cakewalk, Thanks to internet. Almost every major business group has established an online presence. If you have established yourself online, your business is almost guaranteed to touch new heights. Promoting your business online is commonly referred to as internet marketing. Internet marketing commonly consists of SEO, SEM and nowadays SMM is also becoming popular. These strategies help to increase the number of targeted visitors to your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of strategies employed by the companies so that their web pages get higher rankings in the search engines. Generally, a site which is placed earlier in a search result is visited more number of times. Search engine optimizers generally target the three most popular search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and MSN. They optimize the web pages suited for a particular search engine so that it gets higher rankings.

Optimizing can be done either on the organic listing of the search pages or on the paid results of the search pages. The paid results are relatively quiet simple as it takes much less time and produce instant results. Its main disadvantages are that you need to spend money from your pocket for these results. Pages which are optimized organically stay for a long duration of time without any expenditure, unlike the paid results which does not exist when you stop paying money.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) not only focuses on increasing traffic to your website but also tries to increase your conversion rates so that you get the maximum profits. You need to maintain a lot of statistics about the number of visitors visiting your web pages, the types of visitors, the actions performed by them on your web pages etc. You need to ask several questions like which advertising campaigns are yielding more converts? Why are the visitors not converting?

SMM (Social Media Marketing) has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and has become an essential component in search engine marketing. Social networking sites like orkut, facebook, youtube, myspace, flickr and digg has gained a lot of popularity among the present day internet surfers. SMM utilizes these networking sites to increase the company`s visibility and to develop your network. These sites have millions of users registered along with their subjects of interest. What else can provide you with a better targeted audience?

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