How to check The Movie Quality Before Downloading

VCD Quality

Downloading of movies is growing on the internet however many times you head into Oblivion. You have no clue of what the file will contain. The quality may be crappy, your favorite movie with crappy format, or a good quality movie with not proper format.

For instance, no one would prefer to watch favorite movie in bad format or quality.

IMDB is best source for great scripts, or you can learn about the video formats and get knowledge of using VCD Quality software.

VCD Quality

VCD Quality is a ‘release news’ website. Which means, whenever a new movie is released, the movie is listed free online on VCD Quality. The site contains lists of recent software, video and game releases in the warez scene. Also site also offers forum.

The site contains just one table with following columns, which makes the site light and easy to search.

  • Date (release date)
  • Type (the type of release, type of format)
  • Release (Name of the film and the specific release)
  • PG/NFO (a supplied JPG and/or NFO file)
  • IMDB (Link to IMDB page for the movie)
  • CD# (Number of files or CD’s of the release)
  • Group (Name of the group who has done encoding, filming, … of the release)
  • Rating (Consists of three ratings, mainly video rating, audio rating and the movie rating)
  • Comments (Comments adding my users)

There are other fields which are not shown on the main listing, these listing are shown on details page for that item.

The best part of the site is, it also has a link to website, this site has collection of CD/DVD covers, and an link to Amazon to purchase the given item.

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