Quit Smoking, Live a Life


It is very important that we acknowledge that the cigarette we are picking up today in an effort to be with the in crowd and take a break from all the life related pressures will only make us seem aged and haggard beyond years.

As a result of smoking, there will be reduced oxygen supply to our skin that is sure to bring in extreme damage to the skin cells. Our skin will most likely be dehydrated and dull for years to come. These factors of ageing are best avoided by hook or by crook. There are numerous ways in which we can increase the amount of anti-oxidant we intake while we are also taking care of our health, skin and hair. The skin needs to be moisturized from the inside. There are a number of ways to gain the required amount of internal hydration. Practices like consuming a lot of anti-oxidant enriched juices will aid the process. These juices accompanied by fresh food can be our saviour. In spite of all that the thing that is most important is quitting smoking. Smoking ends up affecting the layers of our skin in various forms also making our skin red and blotchy. The rate of oxygen circulation in our blood is affected and there are numerous other factors that are involved in diminishing our oxygen supply as a result of smoking cigarettes. Women who choose to get a Botox and dosages of lip filling injections during their forties are usually ones who have been an avid smoker during their youth.

Skin problems should be the least of your worries if you realize that you are addicted to smoking. More severe problems faced by regular smokers are lung cancer, throat cancer, respiratory problems leading to cardiac arrests to mention a few. The intake of the harmful gases with nicotine leads to formation of deposits along your wind pipe and in the oxygen sacks in your lungs. As a result the oxygen supply available to the blood for circulation is reduced. This in turn reduces the oxygen supply to vital organs like the heart and also results in the aforementioned skin problems. Lack of oxygen supply to the heart and other vital organs might lead to their abnormal functioning and in worst case scenarios might lead them to cease functioning. This results in cardiac arrests in many patients leading to problems like paralysis and sometimes causes death to them. Cancer of the wind pipe, mouth and lungs are also commonly found in smokers. Cancer is mostly an incurable disease resulting in a painful death for the patient.

Being able to quit it and then supporting yourself through the process of detox is undoubtedly the best way in order to bring you back to proper health. Being sensible enough to heal yourself is the most basic way through which you will be able to bring about essential changes towards health and happiness.

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